Reliable, tailor-made agency workers.

By reducing costs at all levels, we aim to increase productivity by improving quality and efficiency for our clients. They can then concentrate fully on their core business.

In 2021, ISSPO, spol. s r.o. reacted to the global crisis associated with the covid-19 pandemic and decided to expand its activities in the field of employment as an employment agency and thus help people who find themselves in a difficult life situation to find employment. The company's operations are primarily in the southwest, central and northern regions of the Czech Republic. The most frequently filled positions for manufacturing companies are mainly in the area of production management and production assurance.

With the development of the economic situation in the Czech Republic, with the development of the labour market and with the growing demands on the workforce, there has been a gradual demand for better and more sophisticated services in the field of human resources.

With our years of experience, we can offer companies who seek employees from us a professional service, close collaboration and a genuine commitment to a successful and dynamic recruitment process. This is how we achieve mutual satisfaction with our current clients.  

Based on our experience we recruit candidates mainly from EU countries. We recruit candidates and then lend our staff to our clients in the form of Temporary Help.

Why work with us

We have our employees accommodated in our own hostels or we pay for their accommodation.
We provide or pay for transportation to work.
In case of illness or necessary absence of a worker, we substitute an immediate replacement.
In the event of leave, the employee is immediately replaced by a substitute.
If the client is dissatisfied with the individual, we replace them with a new worker.
Allocation options

Our agency offers the following assignment options


Employees of the Agency are temporarily assigned for a fixed period (contract for a minimum of 3 months) with the possibility of contract extension.


Agency employees are on temporary assignment but are considered permanent employees of the company to which they are hired. In this case, the agency guarantees that it will not manipulate or transfer these employees to other jobs and that only the company that invested in their training has the right to these employees for the duration of the contract. The contract in this case is for an indefinite period, with an agreed notice period.


An open-ended contract is signed with the client, even if the client does not have a current need to replenish the workforce. It is concluded for later use, for example, when the client receives extraordinary orders during the year or expands production and there is a need to replenish the staff. The client is listed in the agency's database free of charge on the basis of this contract. Only in the event of a real need for our services are the employees provided by our agency in the required number and on the basis of the client's demand. It is only at this point that the terms of the contract come into force. This form of cooperation is a very operational solution for the client to the current shortage of labour.
Our time options

According to the number of employees, we are able to provide the services offered to the client in the following terms

Up to 10 employees
realization up to 7 days before the requested date
10 or more employees
enquiry 14 days before the requested assignment date
More employees
In this case, the start date may be fixed or rolling
Specific requests are made by the client on the basis of a concluded contract. These are then part of the contract and can be sent in electronic form. The agency then confirms the enquiries retrospectively and they become mutually binding.

Subsequent settlement of the work carried out shall be carried out under the terms of the contract. It is normally carried out monthly, following mutually agreed daily statements by the employees. For an indicative range of disciplines with an associated rate, see the next section of our offer. The specific hourly rate and invoice due date is always subject to personal negotiation.

We will be happy to provide you with internal information such as a detailed rate analysis, references about our agency and answers to additional questions during a personal meeting.
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